Happy Fathers’ Day Originally Posted: June 21, 2020

I know that everyone is tired of being cooped up, and really bored doing the same old things. I have come up with idea that allows us to get and give joy.

Many of you have been using the cameras on your phones, tablets, and computers to attend meetings. However, this technology has even better uses. By the way, I prefer to think of these as tools.

Using Zoom, and perhaps some of the other meeting softwares, you can build memories. 

Some of the ideas I have, and you will find more, use these tools to collect and share the joys of family.

1.    Have the younger generation interview their elders.

2.    Let grandparents read to the kids.

3.    Tell the stories of your life. (I got my Grandmother telling me about getting her Citizenship with my Dad in tow.)

4.    Practice making speeches. (This is not just for kids.)

5.    Tell someone what they mean to you.

6.    Talk about falling in love.

7.    Tell your kids about your dreams.

8.    Sing together. (It’s not about the song, but the singers.)

9.    Make it up as you go along.

Make a Joyful Moment, and Live Life for Today,
And for Posterity.

Zoom will create both an audio, and a video file. The audio may be small enough to email. You will need to use flash drives, or services like Dropbox to send the larger video files to the rest of your family. Dropping flash drives into the mail for kids can really make their day. After all, it’s addressed to them.

I have an example: Here is the Tribute to My Dad.

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