Semper Paratus

Welcome to the New Year. Making resolutions to get things done is always in vogue at this time of year. In 2023, I want to recommend a new tack. Semper Paratus is the motto of the United States Coast Guard. It means Always Prepared. Good advice for these times, and for all times.

Each of us has been hit by the unexpected, the unwelcome, and the tragic. And almost none of us are prepared. There are many places where you can get good advice on how to prepare for the challenges life presents. However, I want to give you 5 things you should do to prepare for Computer crises.

  1. Do regular backups. Your computer comes with backup software which is easy to set up, and to use. I recommend using external drives with this software. I am not fond of cloud backups, but they can provide another level of safety. I do not recommend storing your files only in the cloud. Services like OneDrive (Microsoft), iCloud (Apple) and Google Drive (Google, obviously) do not give you easy ways to make backups for you files, and your protection.
  2. Keep a current record of your passwords. Do not use an online service, or an electronic device to keep your list. Online services are big targets for breaches, and electronics have an ugly habit of failing just when you need your data.
  3. Maintain a list of the tools (software) that you use. That is USE…period, not just your frequently used applications. Include any license, and install codes. Also include the websites that you need to log into for personal, and business needs. This list also makes it far easier to move to new equipment. When necessary, or just because you want to.
  4. Organize your files so that you can find what you need, when you need it. The computer may make it seem as if you already know where your files are. But many people will tell me that their files are in Word, and in Excel, But these are HOW, not WHERE your files live. You can create file structures in your Documents, and your Pictures to help you keeps up with YOUR STUFF.
  5. Tell your emergency backup person where you keep these records and your backup, and, most importantly the password to open your computer. Then share the same information with your backup person’s backup.

Obviously, you can do these things for yourself. But the important thing is to do them. Being unprepared for a crisis is the best way to make it worse. You don’t have to go it alone, though. I live to serve, and you can call on me as you need. I can help you with any and all of your computer needs, and challenges.

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