Winning the Battle Against Inflation

Those of us, who have been around for a while, are well acquainted with inflation. It may have first reared its ugly head with the demise of the nickel candy bar or the 10¢ soft drink (that’s soda or pop for you newcomers). Alas, prices will rise, hopefully wages will too. But we can avoid taking some of the hits with a few simple strategies.

  1. Decide what to buy. Just thinking about your purchase in terms of cost vs. desire can do a lot to reduce your expenses.
  2. Track your purchases. Write down how you are spending money. Even more than a budget, this keeps your eye on the money ball.
  3. Maintain what you own. Keep up with what needs repairs, shining up, or just rearranging. Our grandparents survived the Great Depression by making do. Using what they had to entertain themselves, and to survive.
  4. Spend when you HAVE to. Buy the things you need. You can’t drive to work without your car. (Although a bus may be cheaper, if feasible). Eating is still a must. But you don’t have to do the same old things. If you HAVE to have it, make your purchase with your eye on the price.

Computer House Calls is here to help. I am aware that it is not cheap to ask for help. That is why I offer free and unlimited telephone support. As you evaluate the relative cost of repairs for your technology against the price of replacement, I can help you with options and specifications. I can even help you strategize to keep the costs down when you see me.

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