Family Heirlooms  Originally Posted: July 6, 2021

First, a little business.
Effective August 1, 2021, I will be raising the hourly rate for a Computer House Call to $100 per hour, successive half hours will be $50. I know this feels like a big jump, but it is my first increase since just after Hurricane Katrina, a mere 15 years ago.
Now onto the real purpose of this missive.
Family Heirlooms
Summer is a time that we build the memories we carry forever. Keep those memories in photos, videos, and your hearts.
You can also build new memories by building family heirlooms. Modern technologies provide us with great ways to record our lives. If this sounds like an echo, this is a mission for me.
My best example is Zoom®. By using the recording features, you can hold meetings of one, two or more. Even better the free meetings are limited to forty minutes
If you are a bit camera shy, it is far easier when you are in control. By holding a meeting of one, you can tell your family those great stories that they have heard hundreds of times. There does come a time when everyone wants to hear them again. You can give advice to your friends and family here and in the future. Playing the music you make and the music you love will move your life into your family’s future. Even reading stories to little ones can become true heirlooms and carry you onto future generations.
With two, you can interview one another about what life is like for each of you. Try interviewing an eleven year old, who asks you about being eleven, way back when you were eleven. Then you can turn around and ask them what it is like to be eleven now. Recording the different vantage points of each unique life is a fabulous way to build family treasures.
By adding more people into the mix, you can compare memories, experiences, and love. Tossing the moments of life among the people who we love can bring that reality to all who see it in the future.
An heirloom is a gift for the future, and a prize for today.


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