Beware the Scams Originally Posted: November 20th, 2018

Originally Posted on November 20 , 2019

Many of our customers have been targeted by scammers trying to take their money, online accounts, and passwords. They have been contacted by phone, email, and website ad drops.

Your Computer is not a SELF REPORTING DEVICE.
IT WILL NOT tell you, or anyone else, it is malfunctioning, or needs outside assistance.
IT WILL NOT have someone call you.
IT WILL NOT tell you to call anyone.

But you might see any of these things.
YOU MIGHT get a call from Microsoft or Dell or Apple, or a Major Computer Company
YOU MIGHT have a screen pop up and tell you to call a Major Computer Company
YOU MIGHT see your computer lock up and yell at you about BAD THINGS

If you see any of these, or anything else that you don’t feel right about

Call Tom Hall at 704-619-9643
Holler If You Need Us!

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